auto transport tips

Auto Transport Tips You Really Need To Know

Auto transport is a job that should be done with careful planning. This is because
the value of your car is most of the times greater than any other item you have
in your luggage which is to be transferred to your new house. You need your car
to be moved just after you move your stuff because it would make it easy for
you to travel if you forget something or have to go back. That is why choosing
an auto mover should be done cautiously so that you may get a mover which is
affordable, reliable and can take good care or your car. Besides this, these
are a few guidelines to make sure that you get your car moved without any


most considerable issue is of the cost. If you are moving to a different
country, you should better sell your car and buy another one in the country you
are moving to unless the cars in that country are more expensive or your car is
a collector’s item. Moreover, state to state moving of your car can also be
very expensive so again it is advisable to sell your car and buy a new one
there. To get some idea of the cost, you can get quotes from different moving
companies and compare the price differences. Make a proper checklist as a
record to indicate the time at which the car was picked and the time and
location at which the car is transferred by the moving company. Many auto
transport companies do not provide you with this sort of information but still you
should ask for it. You should make sure that any repair work in the car which
is to be done should be done before you hand over the car to the moving
company. The car may give some problems to the movers or even to you.


give your car to be moved with a full fuel tank. Always give the car with a
quarter tank or less for precautionary measures. If your car has an alarm
system, then you should turn it off before giving it to the movers and let them
know about the alarm system and also tell the movers what to do if the alarm
sets off or malfunctions. Like mentioned before auto transport companies do not
provide precise information about the delivery. But if the move is late in
delivering your car you should compensate some amount as a cover for their late
delivery. In any case, you fail to honor the contract then you are required to
pay some additional amount to the company. You should make sure that your car
has enough anti-freeze in case your car is being moved through a cold area.
Finally, when your car has been delivered check its condition and any losses.



to always keep in mind to help you choose the best organization to trust with
your automobile.


Price – Each transport company’s cost will differ. Get a totally free quote
from them and be certain they are offering you all the services needed in the
last cost quoted.


Payment – Always find out if a transport organization requires a percentage of
the payment up front or if they don’t. Some companies will want the full amount
up front, but these are companies you want to prevent.


what payment they will require up front is always essential to making an
informed choice about whether to employ that organization or not. Be certain to
ask this for each and every organization you look at before producing your last


Contract – It’s important that you get all verbal agreements put down in a
contract. This way nothing can be changed later on leaving you with unpleasant
surprises you do not need while moving.


Insurance – before choosing a transport organization you always require to make
sure that they are going to provide insurance for the automobile. This is very
essential to ensure that any damages that occur throughout the transport will
be taken care of for you.


Pickup and delivery dates – It is always essential to know the tentative pickup
and drop dates before deciding to hire an organization. This way you can be
certain which you have your automobile by the time that you need it.


find out what the grace days are that it usually takes to drop a vehicle off at
its destination before making your last decision.

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